Fiorenzato Rialto 2 Group
Electronic programmable touchpad with up to 4 settings for each grouphead - controls are waterproof encased to prevent water damage
Thermally-balanced E-61 groupheads for proper espresso extraction - hot water actively keep the groupheads hot
Dual purpose gauge exhibits pump water pressure and boiler steam pressure
Grips on steam wands prevent burning
Multi-directional steam wands on both sides of machine
Electronic dosage of hot water through water pipe allows you to preprogram appropriate amount of hot water for your portafilter handle rinsing or hot tea, etc.
Ergonomic control knob for steam valve
Passive cup warmer plate and drip tray made of polished stainless steel
Includes 1" legs and 4"legs for NSF requirements
Full size internal sirai boiler pressure regulator
  Internal safety reset switch
  Hot water economizer minimizes lost steam pressure when delivering water through the water wand - many other makes of commercial espresso machines uses a lot of steam power to force the water out of the water wand
  Durable stainless steel framework prolongs useful life
  Designed for easy access to most parts minimizing labor costs
  Sight glass indicates water level in boiler
  Automatic water refill circuitry maintains water level in boiler
  Three way power switch allows boiler refill with heating element "off" or "on"
  Drain Basin: Located 4"from right side on drip tray
  ETL and NSF Approved for commercial use within the United States of America
Rialto Brouchure

Rialto 2G Electronic (Red)
Boiler Capacity: 10.4 liters
Power: 220 volts 3500 watts 60hz
Measurements: D 21” W 29” H 19” D w/ handles 24 ” H w/ 4” legs 22
Net Weight:


Ship Weight: 204lbs
Color: Embossed Black
Accessories: Two dual spout filter handles, one single spout filter handle, two 2-cup filter baskets, one 1-cup filter basket, drain hose, stainless steel braided hose for water connection, cleaning brush
In Stock: 2G electronic black
Special Order: 2G compact electronic or pushbutton in 110V or 220V, 2G pushbutton 220V, 3G electronic or pushbutton 220V all available in black or red
Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery
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