Oro Caffè began its espresso tasting experience in 1972 and has since matured in the preparation of blends with the best selected coffee qualities, always of the finest choice and for the most part of Arabica sort. Oro Caffè now produces blends of Espresso coffee which are exported all over the world, where the taste of a good Italian Espresso coffee is being discovered and appreciated more and more. In order to obtain the high quality results the owners are personally involved in acquiring the green beans, in following their perfect roasting and in the preparation of the blends. As everybody knows only a home-made manufacturing process can allow reaching those high quality levels. The precision and care are that of a goldsmith. Hence, the product’s name: Oro Caffè. Most of the Oro Caffè production consists of roasted coffee beans (packets of Kg.1) and roasted ground coffee (vacuum-packets of Gr.250). Furthermore Oro Caffè offers pods of ground coffee, a very simple and practical solution which consists of a fixed dose of Gr.7 of Oro Caffè ground and pressed to the right point. The green coffee processing for pod preparation, from the grounding to the packing, takes advantage of the most advanced technical means used at present. Each process step, up to the single pod packing, takes place in a controlled and modified environment, which allows the conservation of every aroma and flavor inside the pod.

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