Fiorenzato Accademia 2 Group
  • Fine and simple design
  • Stainless steel cup self warming plate and lower water-collecting tray
  • Designed for easy access to most parts minimizing maintenance costs
  • Thermically balanced dispensing groups for proper espresso supply, thanks to heat exchanger and hot water-heating plant by thermo siphon circulation
  • Electronic board programable with 4 doses for each group, single programming also possible
  • Automatic water recharge system to keep the correct boiler level
  • Hot water economizer which reduces steam pressure loss when taking hot water from wand
  • Multidirectional steam and water nozzle
  • Finger grips on steam and watter nozzle to prevent burning
  • Internal safety thermostat
  • Internal boiler pressure regulator
  • Rotary pump, including engine shock-absorber, which also enables you to adjust pressure from outside
  • Manometer to check boiler steam pressure
  • Safety valve connected with drain to prevent water losses
  • 1 1/2" and 4" high feet according to NSF requirements
  • Electronic hot water dosing on Lio model to allow you to obtain 2 different hot drinks from freeze-dryed products

Accademia Brouchure


Accademia Lio 2G Electronic (Red)
Boiler Capacity: 10.4 liters
Power: 220 volts 2700watts 60hz
Measurements: D 20” W 28” H 21” D w/ handles 23” H w/ 4” legs 24
Net Weight:


Ship Weight: 147lbs
Color: Metallized Grey
Accessories: Two dual spout filter handles, one single spout filter handle, two 2-cup filter baskets, one 1-cup filter basket, drain hose, stainless steel braided hose for water connection, cleaning brush
In Stock: 2G Electronic, 2G Electronic Lio
Special Order: 2G Pushbutton, Colors:Red, Blue, and Black.
Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery


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